Odd Gifts of 2006

—Tuesday, December 26 2006

Christmas time is that special time of year where most of us attend big family dinners with what can sometimes feel like a group of strangers. The gifting process is an adventure in its own right, as the older we get, the more cautionary we become about opening gifts from our family. Anything from tube socks to the sweater that goes immediately to the closet, never to be worn, are all part of this timeless tradition.

There is also those few gifts that make you do a double take as you peal back the holiday wrapping paper. While your grateful for the spirit of giving, these gifts can only be labeled as “Odd Gifts of 2006”.

Cake anyone?

We have about four separate groups of family we see on a yearly basis, this years odd gift was spawned from my Wife’s Aunt. Amongst the socks and underwear I had been unwrapping, there was a gift placed on my lap which I couldn’t quite pin down. I started to cautiously peel back the paper, and just as the packaging started to reveal itself from beneath the wrapping, there it was—Chocolate Ugly, Cake Mix.

Being the emotional rock I am during the holidays, I turned to the gifter; put on a big smile, and extended a “Thank you” to them, but on the inside I was still in shock that I had received cake mix. Cake mix: My odd gift of 2006.

Get an odd gift yourself?

If you’ve received your very own odd gift, I encourage you to upload it to flickr and tag it with oddgift2006.