Prototype: A Call For Documentation

—Tuesday, October 31 2006

We’re hard at working getting the Prototype documentation site ready for launch. However, we know there is already a lot of great documentation scattered throughout the web. Instead of us rewriting a lot of this documentation, we’d like to ask that the community lend us a helping hand.

If you’ve documented parts of Prototype, we’d be tickled pink if you’d be willing to share that with us. We’re looking for all types of documentation, everything from examples, tutorials, to general api docs.

How to send in your documentation

There are a few ways you can send in your documentation. Please include your name and Website (url included) when sending in documentation because we’ll eventually have a contributors list published on the site.

Send an email to encytemedia ( at ) gmail dot com with [PROTOTYPE DOCS] some where in the subject line, and the following applicable information:
* Attached file of your documentation (can be in txt, html, textile, markdown, etc).
* A link to documentation on the web that you’ve written.
* A link to a writeboard/writley/etc document.

Get on Board

We’re also wanting to bring a few people in to help out officially with the documentation site. If your interested in helping maintain the documentation, please let me know. It’d be mighty square of you to have an example of documentation or articles you’ve written regarding Prototype and please be sure you have time to commit to the effort. For example, if your a Carny or have your own Traveling Road Show, your probably not cut out for this gig.

So, without further ado, lets get this moving!

UPDATE: We’ve got enough volunteers for now. Thanks to everyone who volunteered to help out and to those who sent in documentation.