Fan, Meet Shit

—Tuesday, October 10 2006

My domain name registrar, Registerfly, has been great over the past few years. I’ve had absolutely no problems with them until these past few weeks. It seems every time I turn around they’re dry humping me every chance they get. Once again my site went down, and once again the circumstances couldn’t have been any worse.

Friday - The Commencement of Chaos

We’ve been moving to a new apartment over the weekend, happy times right? Wrong. It all started Friday while trying to get the keys to our new apartment so we could start moving things over. Well, we didn’t get this key until about 10p.m. Friday night and we had to have everything moved out by Saturday night. It was chaos all weekend, and man, I didn’t realize how much stuff we had! Insane. Also, along with the move they had to transfer my cable and internet. Once again, chaos has been set in motion.

Saturday - Preheat Oven to 425

They we’re supposed to have my internet turned on Saturday. No dice. So, here I am with no internet connection, no cable, boxes of crap everywhere, and the frustration is mounting by the minute because I knew they didn’t work on Sundays. But, it was only the beginning.

Monday - Shit Reaches Fan. Prayer Ensues

I was determined to get my connection turned on Monday though. I started calling around 9:30a.m. Monday morning talking to person after person about my connection still not being on. I called 4 times between 9:30 and 3:00. I was assured at 3p.m. they were working on my connection as we speak. I was so frustrated by this point, I needed to get out, so, me and my wife went out to get some things we needed for the new apartment.

While I was out, I got a call from a friend telling me that my site was down. Arrrgghhh!!!! There was nothing I could do because I have no connection and going to a coffee shop was out of the question because I had to get the stuff we picked up back to the house. In addition to my website being down, I was also unable to work on anything and I had a client with a deadline Monday and promised them I would have their stuff to them late Monday.

As we are on the way back to our apartment, I was praying that my connection would be back on, and I’m not even a religious man. Desperation had really started to sink in at this point. I come home, flip on the TV to find STATIC!!! NO!! Nothing. I picked up the phone and dialed the cable company, knowing it was now after hours and I would have little chance of getting any thing done.

To my surprise though, they had an after hours support for cable and internet connection problems. So, I pressed all the right buttons, and waited to be greeted by a technician—Busy signal. I tried calling 10 or 15 times over the course of the next hour and FINALLY spoke to someone. I let my frustration be known at that point. The guy on the phone could obviously tell that I was frustrated, but I tried to remain polite.

Monday Part II - The Pagan Goddess and the Master Switch

He said that my cable and internet should be on. I said no, it’s not and turned up the TV where he could hear the static. Then, after racking his brain for a while trying to figure out why it wasn’t on, he thought of the last possible thing it could be. Someone in the billing department or something forgot to activate my new account. He said that he would call his superior (the person who could fix this mess) on her cellphone and see if she could get it turned on for me. I was then told if an hour or so goes by and it’s still not on, then it would probably be around 10a.m. the following morning before it could be turned on. Lo and behold if it was never turned on last night.

Tuesday - Breakfast Special: One Mounting Pile of Frustration and a Cup of Coffee

I wake up this morning about 7a.m., once again, praying while crossing my fingers and rubbing a rabbits foot while knocking on wood hoping that while I was putting my best effort into getting some sleep that the Pagan Goddess had flipped the switch that could make all my troubles go away.

I turn on the TV to static…At this point, I realized that my dependance on the internet and cable is pretty selfish. I’m starting to question my own morals as I think about others who have far, far less. I finally said screw it, I’m just going to stop worrying and go snap some photos and enjoy my new apartment.

Finally, at around 9:30 a.m. they had turned my internet and cable on. Now, hear I am trying to figure out why once again Registerfly is giving me the shaft, getting in touch with my clients to apologize for my absence, and reading a backlog of emails (which some are still being returned to sender).

I HOPE this is the last time I have to deal with this crap. It has to stop. NOW.