The Official Mephisto Blog Launches!

—Monday, August 07 2006

If your a blogger, you should definitely check this out. Mephisto is a brand spanking new blogging application that is sure to get your attention. We have worked meticulously on making it the most intuitive blogging and publishing system you can find.

 Images Mephisto-Overview

Yep, this one requires that exclamation point in the title. We’ve got an official blog setup for Mephisto.

Rick Olson and I have been working at a feverish pace preparing Mephisto for our 0.5 release dubbed Thanos. If your not familiar with Mephisto, it’s a publishing system built on Rails (it actually powers the official Ruby on Rails weblog) that combines the best of both worlds: blogging and static content. But it’s not yet another CMS and I encourage you to check it out and see for yourself.

I would post a big writeup on it here, but I’ve already posted an official announcement post that has all the juicy details.

Check it out!