Shopify Opens its Doors to the Public!

—Friday, June 02 2006


After over 1 1/2 years of working on Shopify, Opinion, Liquid, Vision and other things involving Shopify, we are finally open for public consumption.

It’s hard work launching a product and it’s even harder work trying to reinvent what an e-commerce application should look and feel like. Shopify removes all the clutter, pain, and frustration people like you and me have had over the years trying to sell products online. This was our mission from the start, and based on the feedback we’ve received and the joy of the entire Jaded Pixel team, we have done it.

We’ve just launched a redesigned website (which I’ll talk about in detail later). We are still tweaking here and there, so if you spot anything out of the ordinary feel free to contact us and let us know about it. Along with the redesigned website, we also have a new pricing model that addresses some concerns from the previous pricing structure we have discussed. It is free to signup for Shopify and there are no monthly fees. If you don’t make any money, neither do we. We charge a 3% commission on all successful sales up to $10,000 and anything above $10,0000 will be billed at a 2% commission rate. Compared to the complexity of OSCommerce, and the monthly fees and signup charges of Yahoo’s standard cart and other cumbersome e-commerce applications, Shopify outshines them all.

We have plans in the future to help attract customers to your shops through a global search engine, froogle listings, and more. We also have plans for a Shopify API that lets developers integrate Shopify’s services into their own applications. There is so much more to come for Shopify and we will maintain our focus on simplicity throughout all of it.

Simplicity is hard though. As strange as that might sound, it’s a lot easier to make something hard to use and cumbersome than it is to make something simple and intuitive. We’ve labored, debated, and reworked every screen in the Shopify interface to make sure it was up to par and we plan to improve it in the coming months.

We’re very fortunate to have a power house of talent on the Jadedpixel team, and I’m glad to be put in an environment with people who are very good at what they do. It helps keep your mind sharp and constantly pushes your skillsets to the next level. Besides, where else can you get paid to drink and work at the same time on launch day?

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