Chalksite for Teachers and Students

—Wednesday, February 22 2006

Chalksite for Teachers and Parents

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but Stephen and Aaron of Clearfunction are working on a seriously cool application in Chalksite.

Educational systems are behind the times in regards to connecting Teachers and Parents, and I’m speaking from first hand experience because my wife is a 3rd Grade Teacher. Teachers aren’t well connected with the Parents; Parents should be able to regularly see how their children are doing in school, and Teachers should have an easy means of providing this information. Sending a report card home at the end of every quarter/etc is just after-the-fact information.

With Chalksite, Parents will be able to regularly see how their child is doing at their convenience. You can easily see when a child’s grades are slipping and a lot more. If you are or know a Teacher or a Parent, you should tell them to take a serious look at Chalksite.