[CALLING ALL DESIGNERS] Vision for Shopify Released

—Tuesday, February 21 2006


Vision has been released and we would love to see some designers take it for a spin and have a chance to pick up an iPod Nano in the process.

What is Vision

Vision is a tool for designers and Shopify store owners used to create themes. It basically lets you design, modify and package themes straight from your desktop for Shopify stores. It’s dead simple to use, you just download and click the icon right for you (OS X/Windows) and it will open up your default browser and have you ready in no time.

Check out a video of Vision in action »

Because Design Matters

I really don’t like the fact that in order to create a functioning design for an application I have to setup the entire application including the database and any dependencies that come with it. After all, not all of us are programmers or database administrators, why should we have to play those roles? We just want to do what we do best, and thats design. This is practically the way most software projects work. If you want to create a blog design you have to fully setup your blog engine of choice or be connected to the internet. We don’t think it should be this hard and as a result–we created Vision.

We fully understand the importance of good design and we have worked hard to ensure that designers and non-geeks alike can get up and running on Vision with very minimal effort. We hope this will encourage you to download it and take it for a spin. If you happen to create a theme that gets chosen to be included in Shopify, not only will we love you like a family member, but you will also pick up a free iPod Nano and a chance at a Technine Snowboard(assuming you get snow or need an extra snowboard to hang on your wall).

We want to create a vibrant market for designers with the coming of Shopify. The look and feel of a web shop can make the world of difference and we hope to see some amazing things done with Shopify themes. If you’ve got an eye for design, go ahead and download Vision!