IE 7 Will Break Windows Vista Website

—Friday, January 06 2006

I have all but stopped ranting about the shortcomings of IE over the past year or so because it’s basically all old news by now. However, I found out yesterday that Microsoft recently updated their Windows Vista site. Unfortunately, if your using anything beyond Internet Explore 6 it won’t look all that pretty once you get past the home page.

Windows Vista Website in Firefox:


Windows Vista Website in Safari:


If IE 7 will address it’s CSS short comings then it will certainly break the Windows Vista site. Sometimes I wonder if there is a single, knowledgeable frontend developer in Redmond. If I wanted to be optimistic, I would think Microsoft has good frontend guys, but they aren’t allowed to do their job like they want to…who knows.

Is it so much to load the Vista site up in Firefox or Opera to see if it checks out? It takes all of 5 minutes so my guess is either:

  • They are forbidden to use FireFox on campus.
  • They didn’t bother checking it at all.
  • They checked it but just don’t care.
  • They checked it but are uncertain on how to fix it.

My guess is b. With Microsoft putting out stuff like this, how can we expect to be excited about the release of a better Internet Explorer. I’d be interested in hearing someone’s take on this from the IE team or the WASP’s Microsoft Task Force.

So, Is this just the mistake of one developer or what we’ve come to expect from Microsoft?