Making Firefox Mac Behave Like IE 6

—Wednesday, October 05 2005

Ie mode on Firefox

Say What! Yes, thats the idea behind this post. If it was possible to make FF (or Safari for that matter) behave like IE 6 via some plugin mechanism or with the help of Grease Monkey; Think of how easy cross-platform browser compatibility testing would be?

If Dean Edwards can make IE6 behave like a standards compliant browser then how come we can’t reverse that effect and make Firefox or Safari behave like a non-standards browser.

The problem I have with browser compatibility testing sites are that they are not instantaneous, nor do I expect them to be. I like to make quick changes, refresh and see if what I did corrected the problem I might have had. If we had a development tool like I’m proposing then it could save us mounds of time and keep us sane. From my understanding, my website is currently looking a little funky in IE 6 right now and I’d like to get that fixed. :-)

Making it happen

We can kick around the idea for days on end, but until we actually have a tool like this we are no better now than we we’re before you started reading this post.

Here is what I propose: First find someone or some people who are skilled enough and up to the task; second, we set up an account on to collect some funds in order to reimburse them for there enormous contribution to the community and the time they will spend on development. I’m sure there are enough Mac users out there who would shell out a few bucks for a tool like this. Even those using Firefox for Windows could benefit from a tool such as this.

The developers would have to release this under an MIT style license.

So–Am I crazy and would you reinforce that notion by donating to the developers?