Live on Typo with new design

—Tuesday, August 30 2005

I’ve been so busy here lately so this post covers a lot of unrelated topics, but it catches me up with the rest of the world.

h4. Live on Typo

I’ve finally gotten to a point where I can open up the doors to my newly revamped blog. I’m running on the “Typo”: trunk which has some amazing new features that make Typo a powerhouse straight out of the box and infinitely expandable with features such as “Filters”:

There are probably kinks and quirks here and there so if you spot any, please do leave a comment so I can Iron them out. I haven’t tested on IE or FF for Windows so there is possibly some problem areas there.

h4. Portfolio coming soon

I’m working on the “portfolio section”: section of this website which will be a custom built Rails solution that I will open source incase anyone else would like to take development further.

h4. Jadedpixel and Shopify go live


Myself, “Tobias”: Luekte, and Scott Lake have recently formed “JadedPixel”: and our upcoming release “Shopify”: is right around the corner. Lot’s more on this later!

h4. Heading to Ozzfest

I’ll be heading to “Ozzfest”:, so things will be quiet around here for the next few days. I’m really looking forward to seeing all the bands, especially “Mudvayne”:

This is my first trip to Ozzfest, perhaps I’ll even jump in the pit for a round or two! (Note to self: Bring Cup).